Back to Work Me

 8 Week Online Program 

Getting Ready For A New Change  From Home To Work Life Again?

Feel Supported In A Group Dynamic That Empowers You To Make The Change Confidently And Manage The Balance Without Overwhelm. 

Imagine In A Few Weeks Using The    "Back To Work Me Program"  You Will Be Able To:

  • Understand the power of your skillset so that you get the best job that suits you.
  • Feel confident and prepared to re-enter the workforce again. 
  • Manage your new life without stress.
  • Keep all parts of your life going and feel happy and confident in yourself. 
  • Create balance in your life where everyone in your household is happy. 

Do you want to go back to work but your confidence is low, you are not sure where to start or how it would affect your life?

 Working in a group with other women, who are in the same situation will really help you let go of the stress of figuring this out on your own. 

After this 8 weeks you will feel empowered and confident while creating a balanced and happy lifestyle. 

What You Will Learn 

  • Discover what you REALLY  want, learn how to break it down in goals. 
  • Figure out what is the life balance you want to create and how does a job fit into this. What is the ideal job for you?
  • Learn how your wardrobe can bring you confidence. 
  • Learn very effective time management skills that will help you work and run your household with your family and not just you!
  • Enjoy creating new self care routines that elevate you in your daily life. 

Who Is This Program For?

This program is for stay at home women who want to go back to work.

Program Details 

  1. Weekly Call : 30 minute teaching topic 30 min Q&A
  2. Week 1 - Set your goals - Get clear on what you want and where you are going
  3. Week 2 - Self Assessment - Skills set, knowledge, upskill, values and beliefs and how they need to be honoured
  4. Week 3 - Interview preparation, Wardrobe revamp 
  5. Week 4 - Time management and focus, family & work. Letting family know your plans and asking for help
  6. Week 5 - Preparing house for change, Dynamics changing family life, Easy Meal Plans,
  7. Week 6 - Self Care, Recognise signs of stress
  8. Week 7 - Self Confidence,  Feeling good enough Imposter syndrome and/or Who am I ?
  9. Week 8 - Your Support system for continued maintenance, Knowing you are not alone, Practice the pause, Tools for a happy life.

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Do You Want To Get Ready To Get Back To Work?

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Full Payment 

€297 save €63

Payment Plan

€45 a week for 8 weeks, total of €360

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