My Yoga Room 

One to One

 €75 per session 

Oranmore Centre 

7 weeks group class


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Precious hour of peace and calm


Wonderful Yoga, Suzanne but much more.

For me its a precious hour of peace and calm - so necessary at a time of craziness in our world.

Thank you for making it happen. x

I never realized the power and importance of regular practice


Before signing up to Suzanne’s yoga classes, I practised yoga intermittently but never realized the power and importance of regular practice, even the few minutes here and there, the quick body scan and the habit of checking in with yourself throughout the day. Since working with Suzanne, yoga has come to permeate life every day.


An oasis of calm in a sea of anxiety


Thank you for the yoga classes all year Suzanne. They are the one thing that have helped me stay sane during this crazy year- an oasis of calm on a Wednesday evening in a sea of anxiety!

Her approach is friendly and positive but no nonsense and practical.


Before I met Suzanne as a yoga teacher, I didn't really have timetabled exercise in my week. I didn't realise that there was more to Suzanne's yoga than exercise. She brings together body, mind and breath and I always leave the class being ready for the day. Often when I come in, my mind is racing and very often by the end, I actually nod off. As I am a singer, the yoga class brings together so many aspects that are important to my career. I have benefitted from Suzanne as a coach too. Her approach is friendly and positive but nonsense and practical. She embodies the positivity she preaches and the practical means by which you can achieve what you want by looking at it in a fresh way. Suzanne is a super person and she practices what she preaches. Every yoga class has a life lesson thrown in. Thank you, Suzanne!! Helen

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